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About us

Starting in 2006, we have quickly managed to become the fastest-growing company in the GPS tracking business in the Czech republic. We have set up branches in various European countries and we never stopped acquiring new customers.

After a few years we realized that standard GPS tracking platforms are often heavy with features that their users never actually use. The decision came shortly afterwards - to build a new platform that will serve the users with features they really need and use on a daily basis.

And that's where the real life users step in (along with UX experts, of course). We tested all the features, fine tuned the user interface, then tested some more… In the end, a new breed of GPS tracking platform was born - light and fast, easy to use, but not missing anything the users will ever need.

About us satelon system

A path to success

  • User friendly GPS tracking system
  • Developed with UX experts
  • Philosophy: many features does not equal to a superior platform
  • 80% of all users need only the basic features - let's give it to them, crafted to perfection.
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Martin Karpíšek Martin Karpíšek sales director
Dávid Fiala Dávid Fiala business development manager
Oto Macenauer Oto Macenauer IT director
Martina Tapesco Martina Tapesco marketing leader

Our GPS Tracking System - Satelon

Satelon tracking platform is build with the most recent software technologies. The user interface is based on two interconnected visual elements: a map and a list. These two fields change their appearance and present different amount of information according to the users actual needs and goals.

Another innovation we are proud of is a log book calendar view, a feature no other platform provides at present.

Our platform differs in many details, but the main point is that it is designed for everyday users, not for software experts. We believe that it is the easiest GPS tracking system to use.

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